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Easy Press Release Template

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Imagine being the go to expert that the local news contacts whenever they need someone to interview about a particular story they are working on.

Or, being contacted by national media programs to talk about your book!

It all starts with two words: press release.

If you have been wondering how people get featured on top media shows, the answer is right here in front of you.

Public relations firms send out press releases on a regular basis to get media exposure for their clients.

Now you can be your own PR firm, and send out a press release for all of your events with the Easy Press Release Template.

If you have never written a press release before, it can be kind of hard to figure out how to put one together.

The Easy Press Release Template shows you how to arrange a press release so that it looks professional.

You can either input your information directly into the document, or, you can use the template as a guideline to write your own release.

The good thing about the Easy Press Release is that is it a template that can be edited for any event you may be promoting.

Most public relations firms charge hundreds of dollars to write a simple press release for you.

Now you can write your own for pennies on the dollar, and save yourself some money.

Download the Easy Press Release Template and start writing your own press releases today.

You will get a DOCX (6MB) file