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25 Smart Ways to Promote Your Book and Increase Sales

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Do you feel like trying to come up with ways to promote your book is like pulling teeth?

Do you find yourself constantly searching online for ways to promote your book?

Do you feel like you've exhausted all of the avenues out there to get your book in front of new readers?

Well, in this guide, you will find 25 ways to promote your book and increase sales.

In the beginning of the guide, you will most likely discover the number one culprit to lackluster book sales

Perhaps this is why your book sales are not up to par.

Not to worry though; in this guide, I tell you the three things you need to focus on in order to get people interested in you and your book in the first place.

Once you master those three things, you will sell books by default.

I actually get sales of my fiction books when I teach workshops for aspiring self publishers. They often want to see samples of my work, and end up buying my books.

So, if you have been trying to come up with ways to promote your book and get more sales, check out this guide.
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