Finally, a simple to follow guide to publishing your own print books!

There is nothing like the feeling of holding something you have poured your heart and soul into, in your hands. Contrary to what you may have been told, print books are still in demand, and they still are the top way to position yourself as the expert in your chosen field! But there can be a lot of overwhelming information out there that can make publishing a book seem difficult and confusing, and definitely like something you can't possibly do on your own. That's why I created this simple to follow blueprint for those authors that want to publish professional quality paperback books to help them build their following, and position themselves as the expert. You can download the blueprint for free. Just click the button below, enter your details, and the blueprint will be sent directly to your email.

Sandra N. Peoples is a publishing coach and consultant based in Michigan, who helps aspiring authors learn the ropes of self-publishing, and teaches service providers how to use books to build their following, fill their programs, and attract their ideal customers and clients.