Some People Be Lying When They Say They Want To Be Successful - Sandra N. Peoples

Some People Be Lying When They Say They Want To Be Successful

Successful people are all action, less talk.

So, I know that this title is really ratchet for a post about being successful, but it is the truth.

People are lying to themselves, saying that they want success, but their actions say something totally different. Their priorities are all screwed up.

For some reason, people think the mere thought of success will be enough to actually help them experience it.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but, it doesn’t work like that.

In order to experience a type of success that you have never seen before, you must do something different.

Being an entrepreneur is a great career choice; but it is not for everyone. There are some who are better suited as an employee, and that is fine. But if you are going to decide to throw your hat in the ring to become an entrepreneur, you had better be ready to work; hard. You had better be ready to face rejection; even from those you love. And, you had better be ready to be elevated; you have to prepare yourself.

Why most people are not successful

Some entrepreneurs never see the kind of success they want in their businesses because they don’t take what they do seriously. They say they want to make major moves, but they never move. Your business is supposed to grow, not remain stagnant. If you are still making the same money you made last year working for yourself, with no projections to change that, you may as well just quit playing games and go back to work.

You have to plan for success. What will you do when you start actually earning the kind of money you want to in your business? How will you react? Will you go and blow it all on some shoes and clothes, or, will you  invest some of it back into your business?

If you have never had a large sum of money before, you need to start learning how to handle large sums of money so that you can be prepared for it when it comes.

What are you doing to accommodate for the swarms of people you’ve been calling in to your business everyday? You do speak over your business everyday, right? If not, you should start doing that.

Change the way you have been doing things if you want to finally see the kind of results you’ve been dreaming of for your life as an entrepreneur.

The first thing you should do right now, is make a list of all the things you have been doing concerning your business. How many hours do you spend actually working, versus perusing social media aimlessly?

How many people have you reached out to about your business?

Who have you introduced yourself to today that could possibly partner with you in your business?

The next thing you need to do is prepare. How will you know if you have arrived if you don’t even know where you’re going?

If your goal is to serve a thousand people this year, what do you need to do in order to make that happen?

Can you deposit a million dollars in the bank, or, do you have to get a safe for that much money?

Stop playing around in your business, yet claiming to want success.

Get up and take action. Get busy.

You can’t just sit around and confess what you want all day and do nothing. Action is required.

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Sandra N. Peoples is an award-winning, bestselling author and publishing consultant. She has written over 21 novels and short stories, six of them reaching the Top 100 on Amazon in competitive categories. She conducts creative writing classes for aspiring authors, and blogs at Sandra is a proud mom of four, and resides in Michigan.