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Are you tired of struggling to get book sales? Tired of trying to convince your friends and family that your book, product, or service is something that could possibly change their lives? Do you know that you have a great message, but aren't sure how to get it out? Congratulations! You are in the right place! Here on the campus of, you will find many tools and strategies to help you build your business, promote your product, sell more books, and make more money. The first step is to register. Everyone starts out with a Basic Membership. You can view and register for classes and webinars, download digital books and audios, and so much more. Some courses and content offered do require a purchase, and your purchase may unlock other levels and benefits offered by Sandra N. Peoples. So, what are you waiting for? Get started now by clicking the 'Register Now' button to start building your business online.

Meet Your Coach, Ms. Sandra N. Peoples

Sandra N. Peoples

Sandra N. Peoples is a bestselling author, publishing consultant, and entrepreneur, who has spent more than a decade educating aspiring authors on the ins and outs of self-publishing.  Sandra has now started to show others how she has been able to attract and connect with clients all over the world, using social media and the internet. She also teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to package and showcase their expertise into products that they can sell over and over again, without physically being present.

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