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How Often Should You Blog?

Sandra N. Peoples

One of the questions I am asked quite frequently on social media is how often should you blog. I know from experience that when a blog is brand new, you need to blog consistently. I blogged every single day when I first started my blog. But in all honesty, you don’t have to blog every single day; you just need to set a schedule and stick with it. I am an Author, so I like to blog about books, writing, and the writing process in general. I like to talk about the characters in my books, as well as the inspiration behind the stories that I write. You just have to find your topic and go with it.

I would also say that you should plan out your content. Whatever the subject of your blog is, you should be prepared to write at least two to three articles a week about that topic. So, what is it about that topic that excites you? What do you think will make people want to read your posts and subscribe to your blog? Our blogs are meant to educate our audience about what it is that we do exactly. If we aren’t passionate about our chosen blog topics, why should we expect anyone else to be?

How often you should blog really depends on your overall goals for your blog. Do you plan to blog to simply generate leads for your business, or, do you want to share information that you find to be interesting to your chosen audience? If the goal is to generate leads, then of course you would blog more frequently than a person who maybe just wants to share a few interesting stories here and there.

A good rule of thumb  is to blog at least three times a week and promote your content daily. This helps you to practice being consistent and also builds your audience. You should also decide on how serious you plan to be with your blog. You have to know that if you don’t take your own blog seriously then neither will anyone else.

I had to remind myself of this as well. If my goal is to blog three times a week and I miss a day, I have to condition myself to do makeup work; which means that I have to blog on days that I would normally have off. Doing this will cause me to get my blogging in on the days that I have scheduled to blog.

Perhaps if you are reading this post, it is because you are interested in either starting a blog, or, trying to figure out how to make blogging work for you and your business. If this is you, then may be interested in my blogging course, “Ignite My Blog”. You can read about the course by clicking here. My blogging course details how I have been able to grow an international client base using my blog and social media.


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Sandra N. Peoples is an award-winning, bestselling author and publishing consultant. She has written over 21 novels and short stories, six of them reaching the Top 100 on Amazon in competitive categories. She conducts creative writing classes for aspiring authors, and blogs at Sandra is a proud mom of four, and resides in Michigan.

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