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Do you need a professional editor? Consider hiring me for your next editing project.

I accept projects for editing in the following categories:

  • Fiction and Nonfiction manuscripts
  • Web Content (including blog posts and articles)
  • Reports
  • Manuals and Guides

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Please enter the information for your book or project below. You will receive an email from me with my current rates for editing, my current openings, as well as information on how you can reserve a spot on my editing calendar if you are not quite ready to submit your work to me just yet. I personally respond to each submission, so please allow up to 2 business days for a response from me. Please note that I only take 1-2 projects per month, depending on the length of the manuscript, and my calendar fills up quickly. 


My decision to ask Dr. Sandra N. Peoples for help in editing and formatting my thesis was one of the smartest moves I have ever made.  After trying and trying, only to have my work handed back to me and told that it sounded like a book report, I asked Dr. Peoples for help. She helped and did an excellent job.  Dr. Peoples does not change the idea or direction of your work.  Instead her editing skills enhance it and make it come to life.  Dr. Peoples makes sure that every word is in its proper place, spelled and punctuated correctly. She has a keen eye and possesses all of the skills that a great writer should have. In an effort to enhance my writing, she asked me to tell her what attracted me to my chosen topic.  She drew from my enthusiasm and edited accordingly, bringing my work to life in a manner that almost enabled you to close your eyes and picture everything I had written.  From her I learned how changing just a word or two can actually strengthen your work. Once my work was completed and again I had to call upon her for her formatting skills, I was more than pleased. I loved what she had done.  I turned in my work and was told that it was excellent.  Of course it was; I hired the best in the business. -Norma J. Wells-

Sandra’s editing service was a blessing! I wrote a fiction novel with lingo from my hometown and she was able to navigate the dialogue and help me present my writing to a wider audience who wouldn’t be familiar. Her prices were reasonable and she was done before her deadline. With an additional fee, she was able to review the final copy and give me approval for submission. I recommend her for anyone who wants a professional service and wants honest feedback to gain more readership.

Joy Elan