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Ebook Template

This Word Ebook Template is great for those wanting to publish ebooks for Amazon KDP.  The template is already formatted with margins, headings, and clickable table of contents. Comes with access to an easy to follow instructional video.

Now you can format ebooks yourself, quickly and easily with this preformatted ebook template.

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Anatomy of A Great Story

If you want to know what it takes to write a great story, then this short guide will definitely help you. Packed with information from a six-time bestselling author, this guide will prepare you to write a novel that will create raving fans, and characters your readers will love; or love to hate.

13 Ways To Pump Up Your Book Sales

Are your book sales a little on the stale side?
Could you use some fresh ideas to get those books moving again?
Check out this free report, 13 Ways To Pump Up Your Book Sales!
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Market to Sell

It does no good to publish a book, if you have no idea how you’re going to sell it.

Marketing is crucial to the success of your book; and you can’t market effectively without a plan.

Market to Sell is a 19 page workbook that helps you plan the perfect strategy to sell your books.

This plan explores the MAPPS Process, a targeted strategy that incorporates marketing, advertising and promotional channels to help you gain maximum exposure for your book.

Ready to dive in?

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The Beginning Freelance Writer’s Workbook and Tutorial


Imagine A Career Where Your Office Can Be Anywhere In The World

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How does working from the beach today sound?

Or, working from your favorite coffee shop?

Maybe you want to work poolside.

Wherever you choose to work, you can.

That’s the life of a freelance writer.

Freelance writing is the perfect home based business opportunity because there is little to no overhead, no parties to attend, no

chasing down friends and family…

…all you have to do is write.

Imagine a job where all you do is update your client’s Facebook page.

Or, make sure that their tweets go out.

Or, maybe your client needs a blog post written.

Whatever the need is, if you have a knack for writing,  you will love your job.

Most new freelance writers face one problem though…

…they have no idea how to get started in this fun and rewarding field.

In fact, they find themselves competing against hundreds, if not thousands, of other writers for jobs that pay them peanuts.

Some sites pay as low as $0.01 a word, and some pay 1/2 of that.

(how in the heck do you pay someone half of a penny???)

There are real opportunities for writers that pay way more than pennies.

In fact, some jobs pay you thousands for your work.

So how do you find the good jobs?

How do you find your first paying clients as a brand new freelance writer?

The secrets are in this course!

Not only will you learn strategies to landing your first paying client, but you will also learn:

  • How to set up a professional website without hiring a fancy web designer
  • Set up a portfolio of your work; even if you have never written anything for a client before in your life!
  • …and so much more.


The Beginning Freelance Writer’s Course is chock full with all of the information you need to launch your business this week and land your first paying client right away.


Your purchase includes a guide, workbook, and video tutorial.

Print out the materials, watch the video, and get to work.

You could have your first paying client sooner than you would ever imagine as a new freelance writer.

If you are ready to launch your new career as a freelance writer, then this is the course for you.

Break Free And Take Back Your Destiny

Not Having Clear Goals Can Seriously Impact Your Success…


Goal setting is a critical component to success. As an entrepreneur, you must make it a point to not only get focused on what it is that you want to accomplish, but, you need to a road map to help you stay on course.

Dr. Sandra N. Peoples has penned a book to help those who struggle with setting and achieving goals; Break Free.

Once you decide what you want to do, you need a precise plan on how you’re going to do it.

Let’s face it; people say they are going to do things everyday, but do they really DO it?

You don’t want to be one of those people who are lots of talk but little action.

But that is what you will quickly become if you say things without following through.

Break Free is a workbook and guide that was written to encourage effective goal setting that inspires results by outlining a thorough plan for concept, execution and completion.

Download the workbook now, and get started on manifesting your goals into reality.

Autopilot Leads

Your hunt for RED HOT, Targeted Leads is officially over!

  • No more chasing friends and family!
  • No more approaching strangers in the store!
  • Get targeted, qualified, hot leads to come to you!
  • Attract leads on autopilot using one of the top social media platforms!

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