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Could this be the reason why your books aren’t selling?

You may not believe it, but, there really is a reason why your books aren’t selling…

Hey, it’s Sandra.

Today’s post is for you if you are an Author who is so tired of struggling, tired of trying to figure out how to put all of the pieces together in order to finally see the kind of success you have been longing for as an Author.

I completely understand how frustrating it can be to put in all the hard work of writing a book, only to put it out there and not see the kind of results you thought you would.

I myself know firsthand what it is like to write a book, upload it to Amazon, or some other platform, and not see any downloads.

Zero sales.

I have cried. I have asked other authors who have published books in the same genre of me what could I possibly be doing wrong, and have even quit a few times on my career as a writer. I mean, let’s face it, if you write a book, and nobody downloads it, that must mean that you suck at writing, right?


It does not mean that you suck at writing; it does mean that you just haven’t tapped into YOUR audience.

As an Author, it is so important to build an audience of people, who will be eagerly awaiting each and every book you put out there to sell.

Your audience is the key to how well you will do as an Author.

So, how do you build this audience?

You have to put yourself out there.

Think about it. When your favorite Actor comes out with a new movie, what do you do?

You go and you see that movie more than likely because they are in the movie, right?

How do you even know that the person is an Actor or Actress?

You probably see them on social media, a few commercials, in other movies.

Keyword: ‘see’.

You see these people. You learn of their existence.

That’s what you have to do for your audience. You must make yourself visible.

So, in 2018, I am launching a few new programs designed to teach authors how to build their platforms so that they can get in front of their audience.

Am I going to teach you how to get millions of followers?

No. I don’t have millions of followers. But I do have thousands.

I am going to teach you how to build YOUR own following of people, who are excited about what YOU have to offer.

Once your build YOUR audience, and YOUR platform, so that you can connect with YOUR readers and finally see
sales from your book(s).

I am going to be sharing this information with you via Facebook. So, if we aren’t connected on Facebook, you can connect with me by clicking here.

You are going to see a lot more training from me in the coming months concerning being an Author and Entrepreneur, so stay tuned. And, if you have friends who are aspiring authors, send them over to my website so that they can get their hands on my self-publishing blueprint. Just send them to

If you have a question that you would like to see addressed on a Facebook Live, via my blog, or during my Youtube mini-courses, you can submit them to

Until next time,

Why Every Author Needs A Smart Marketing Strategy

If you are an author, this video will help you understand why it is important to have a strategy to market and promote your books.

I went live on Facebook one day to address a concern that I get from many authors. They don’t understand that in order for your books to sell, you have to be constantly engaged in marketing and promoting. And not just marketing and promoting for the sake of doing so; but doing it smartly.

You, as an author, are responsible for your own success or failure. Therefore, if you are going to be in the business of writing and publishing books, you had better take some time to learn what works in this industry, and what doesn’t.

Take a moment to watch the video, and do let me know what you think. You can click here to watch the video now.

If you need help putting together a smart marketing strategy, I have a resource that can help. You can learn more about it here.

Until next time,

How Do I Produce Prosperity By Kent Gant Jr

Looking for a few good reads. Check out today’s featured books.
kent-gant-jrTired of picking between car payments or light bill payments? How about the simple things, like groceries or entertainment? No matter what the situation is, everything costs money. Today, money is a valuable resource, and God knows it. In his new and exciting book, Kent Jr. will reveal the different steps he took to get God’s attention and share the wisdom he has to get results.

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About The Author

Kent Jr. is a young author that has learned what it takes to get a financial breakthrough. He has worked almost ten years in the grocery business and has experienced different types of challenges, failures, and accomplishments. Having his associates degree in business has also helped Kent further his education on finances. Even at a young age, God has used him to help support the works of the kingdom.

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power-of-letting-goThe Power of Letting Go: Break Free From The Past And Future And Learn To Let God Take Control

Rev J. Martin

We all tend to hold onto things that have happened in the past. It can feel like we are pulling a cart behind us with all our troubles and worries, it slows us down, we can become tired, depressed, even jealous, as life seems so easy for others.

All we need to do is LET GO of the cart, and we will feel lighter and free, but often we have held onto it so long that it has become part of us. Many of the people we know are also carrying carts so that it can seem normal. We talk about how heavy are cart is with anyone that will listen, at no point do we realize that we can set down that heavy cart that is keeping us from Gods love.

We need to learn to Let go. In this book, I will share with you stories of people that struggled with letting go and what happened when they did.

God is only in the present moment; he is not in the past or future. The moment that we let go of the past God will turn the page to the next chapter of our life, which will be much better than the last.

It will take courage and faith, but I invite you to take this journey with me. By the end of the book, God will shine a light into your life that will illuminate you to…


Purchase ‘The Power Of Letting Go’ now on Amazon