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You Don’t Really Get Paid To Blog

Despite What You May Have Heard, You Don’t Really Get Paid To Blog…
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This will probably be one of the most controversial posts that I will write. But, there are many people who have come to believe that just because they put up a blog, that they will make money from it. The truth is, the money does not come from the blog alone. Simply putting words on a page will not magically create an income for you. But there are ways that money can be made as a result of blogging.  In this post, I am going to tell you some of the ways that blogging can add to your income.

First off, in case you don’t know me, I started blogging in 2008; grew my blog to a nice sized audience, and then quit because I, like many others, didn’t really understand how to monetize my blog. I thought that just by blogging alone, I would earn money. I didn’t understand the logistics of blog monetization.

Before a dime can be made online, or even offline for that matter, traffic must be present. Traffic is the people who are going to come to your site. And, you don’t just want a bunch of random people coming to your site; you want people who are actually looking for whatever it is that you happen to be selling. Your site must offer a solution to the reader if you want them to stick around long enough to even see what you have to offer in the form of a solution for them.

Not having traffic and readers to your blog or to your website, it like having a beautiful storefront that nobody knows exists. 

Before you even think about trying to get monetize your blog, you first have to be concerned with getting traffic, visitors, to your site. Visitors who are looking for what you have to offer.

Next, you need to focus on getting a good amount of traffic to your site. I mean, let’s face; one visitor to your blog is probably not going to be enough traffic to write home about. You want to get your posts in front of as many people as possible. Your focus should be on getting as many people into your virtual storefront as possible, every single day.

Not only do you need to send good traffic to your blog, but you also want to build your mailing list up so that you can send special offers to those who come and visit your site and like what you have to offer on your site. Depending on what you blog about, you could offer a discount if they spend so much money with you on your site, a discounted course,  an ebook, whatever matches what your overall goal is with your site.

Once you build up your traffic and your mailing list, then you can start to look at ways to make money with your blog. Many of the big players in the blogosphere, make their money from affiliate marketing, which is where you get paid to promote someone else’s content. In fact, you can make a very good living being an affiliate marketer.

You can also get paid to write a sponsored post for a company and selling advertising space on your blog.

These are just some of the ways that people are really paid for blogging. Let me sum up the three that I know about personally:

  1. Affiliate Marketing: Getting paid to promote other people’s content via a website or blog, in exchange for a commission.
  2. Write a sponsored post: Sometimes a company may approach you to write one post promoting a particular product or service in exchange for a set fee.
  3. Sell advertising on your blog: You can rent out space by the month on your blog in exchange for a monthly fee.

So of course, money can be made as a result of your blogging, but it takes strategy. 

  1. Focus on getting targeted traffic to your blog
  2. Focus on building your mailing list so that you can do special things for your subscribers
  3. Focus on monetization techniques after you have built up the first two.

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How Often Should You Blog?

Sandra N. Peoples

One of the questions I am asked quite frequently on social media is how often should you blog. I know from experience that when a blog is brand new, you need to blog consistently. I blogged every single day when I first started my blog. But in all honesty, you don’t have to blog every single day; you just need to set a schedule and stick with it. I am an Author, so I like to blog about books, writing, and the writing process in general. I like to talk about the characters in my books, as well as the inspiration behind the stories that I write. You just have to find your topic and go with it.

I would also say that you should plan out your content. Whatever the subject of your blog is, you should be prepared to write at least two to three articles a week about that topic. So, what is it about that topic that excites you? What do you think will make people want to read your posts and subscribe to your blog? Our blogs are meant to educate our audience about what it is that we do exactly. If we aren’t passionate about our chosen blog topics, why should we expect anyone else to be?

How often you should blog really depends on your overall goals for your blog. Do you plan to blog to simply generate leads for your business, or, do you want to share information that you find to be interesting to your chosen audience? If the goal is to generate leads, then of course you would blog more frequently than a person who maybe just wants to share a few interesting stories here and there.

A good rule of thumb  is to blog at least three times a week and promote your content daily. This helps you to practice being consistent and also builds your audience. You should also decide on how serious you plan to be with your blog. You have to know that if you don’t take your own blog seriously then neither will anyone else.

I had to remind myself of this as well. If my goal is to blog three times a week and I miss a day, I have to condition myself to do makeup work; which means that I have to blog on days that I would normally have off. Doing this will cause me to get my blogging in on the days that I have scheduled to blog.

Perhaps if you are reading this post, it is because you are interested in either starting a blog, or, trying to figure out how to make blogging work for you and your business. If this is you, then may be interested in my blogging course, “Ignite My Blog”. You can read about the course by clicking here. My blogging course details how I have been able to grow an international client base using my blog and social media.


Until next time,

Why Blogging Doesn’t Work

Most People Have Blogging All Wrong!


You will never make money by just blogging.

Yet so many people believe that doing so is a sure fire path to riches.

I speak from experience because I once thought the very same thing.

That if I took to my blog and wrote a post everyday, it would lead to lots of traffic and money for me.

I was wrong. Very wrong.

I had to learn that my blog was a resource, a tool, that is used to educate your prospects about the products or services that you provide.

Your blog is used to generate traffic. It, in addition to other efforts, is how people find you online.

But just posting blogs alone will not result in any money for you.

The money comes from your actual products or services.

You see, your blog’s job is to be good enough to help you show up in the search engines when people search for whatever it is that you are trying to sell. And posting frequently means that you have fresh content on your site, which helps you to get found even faster.

But you don’t want to have a bunch of random blog posts. You want your blog posts to be on the topics that your potential clients and customers are looking for.

People love to use Google in their searches for information, products or services. They use Google to find a nearby hairdresser, clothing stores, people who sell Avon, virtually everything that can be bought anywhere, people get online to search for it.

Your blog helps you to position yourself so that when people are searching Google, or Bing, or Yahoo, or whomever, they will find a great article that you wrote, or an instructional video that you posted, or even a review, and they will click through to your site.

Now, the goal is that when people come to your blog and read your post, or do whatever you want them to do, that you have a call to action on your blog.

Your blog is supposed to capture leads and educate prospects.

Once the leads are captured, you can then take your prospects through the nurturing process, and your customers through the buying process.

So, if you are just writing endless posts on your blog, not even bothering to  speak to the needs of the people in your target market, then no, blogging will never work for you.

But, if you begin to write purposeful posts that show your audience that you know what their needs are and position yourself as the person that they need to be talking to, and attracting those types of people to your site, then you will notice that you will start to make money with your blog because you will start to get clients and customers who are interested in what your business has to offer.

If you want help putting together products and services that you can sell online, then I would love to help you. Click here to get started.