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Home Based Business Ideas Spotlight

The home based business ideas spotlight will be a regular feature here on the blog where I will showcase different types of businesses that can be run successfully from home.

Oftentimes, the biggest hurdle in deciding whether or not to be an entrepreneur, is finding something to do.

Let’s face it, you have to love your business, or you will not ever want to work it.

There are lots of businesses out there that can be run from home, but some of them require a hefty upfront investment in order to get started.

I know that there are lots of moms who are looking for ways to build a business that they can run while raising their kids and taking care of their families.

I know because I am a single mom of four, and I know that working outside of the home is impossible.

I think I need to define what a home based business is.

A home based business is a business that operates from the business owners home office.

A home based business and working from home may not always mean the same thing.

Working from home means that you work remotely, and often times for a company that simply does not require that you come in to an office for work.

It does not necessarily mean that you work for yourself.

I often hear people say that they work from home. The correct terminology for an entrepreneur, to me, would be to say that they have a home based business, because there is a difference.

The home based business ideas that I like are the ones that allow you the opportunity to scale as large as you want, all from the comfort of a home office.

Now, a home based business may still require travel outside of the home, especially if your business involves selling…..and trust me, every business involves selling.

The only difference is that with a home based business, you can schedule that travel time around your life, not your boss’s.

So, look for posts withe the tag, ‘home based business ideas spotlight’ if you are in need of some ideas of a business that you can start from home.

There will also be lots of posts here about mindset.

You have to accept the fact that building a business takes both time and effort.

You have to be willing to put in both in order to see the kind of results that you want.

Don’t worry, we are in this thing together.

Check out this post, where I share a resource that talks about a work from home business that you can start right away. 

Until next time,

home based business consultant

How To Find A Book Editor

In today’s blog post I am going to give you a few pointers on how to find a book editor.

There are lots of people out there who have decided to hang out a shingle and call themselves editors.

All  book editors are not created equal.

In fact, many editors are actually proofreaders and don’t even know it; but that’s for a different post.

So how do you find a good editor for your book who won’t take you for a ride and really knows what they are doing?

I am going to give you a few pointers to show you what you need to look for when trusting someone to edit your book for you.

First, look for someone who has experience in editing the types of books that you write.

A person who edits textbooks may not necessarily be a good fit to edit your fiction book.

One book category that gets a lot of flack these day is the urban fiction genre.

If you write urban fiction or street lit, you need to find someone who not only has experience with editing these types of books, but someone who understands the genre.

The same goes for those who write erotica.

Don’t just look for an editor; look for a genre specific editor.

You can start your search by doing a Google search with your genre as the keyword and the word, editor. For example, “erotic editor”, or “editor of erotica”, “editor of erotic fiction”.

Next, look for someone who has edited books before. Your book should not be a guinea pig for anyone. You want someone who has a track record for editing books, and preferably someone who does this as their job. That way, your project will be taken seriously, not treated liked something that is not important.

As I stated before, it is good to do a Google search for an editor in your genre. Most professional editors have a website and contact form. Ask to see samples of their work first and reach out to some of their former clients if possible. Some people may give you a negative review, but if the editor you want to work with has more good reviews than bad, I would choose them anyway if I like the quality of their work. Everybody runs into the occasional ‘hater’.

You can reach out to your local colleges to connect with creative writing students who are looking to build their portfolios. Often times you can negotiate a fair rate in exchange for a testimonial.

Another route you can explore, depending on the type of book you have written,  would be to find a retired English teacher. I say retired because they will more than likely have the extra time to invest in editing your book properly and may be willing to work for a negotiated rate.

You can visit online forums that center around writing and publishing to find editors looking for work.

You can post your job for an editor on sites such as and

I hope that you have found this post to be helpful in your quest to find a book editor.

In the meantime, I offer content editing services. That means that I not only edit for my clients, but, I also proofread. Click here to learn more about my rates and how you could possibly get on my project calendar for the year.

Until next time,


5 Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners


Freelance writing jobs…for beginners.

freelance writing jobsOkay, so you’re fresh out of school and need to start earning some cash quick.

Or, maybe you’ve hard a lot about freelance writing, and you want to know how to get started.

Well, this book just may be the answer that you have been looking for.

Freelance writing jobs can be hard to find, especially if you are a beginner and have no clue on where to start.

You might be surprised to know that there are some very interesting positions available that can bring in a very nice income for you and establish your writing career.

In my ebook, Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners, I introduce you to five real writing opportunities that actually pay you enough to make a real living off of.

I’m not talking about all the content mills out there that pay you pennies on the dollars.

I’m talking about real writing opportunities that can earn you hundreds if not thousands of dollars per client.

This book also gives you the details about a writing program that teaches you a sought after skill that will allow you to charge top dollar for your writing as your portfolio grows.

So, if you have been wondering how to get started in freelance writing, then this book will show you how to get started as soon as this week.

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These five career opportunities for writers are jobs that can be done from the comfort of your home. You don’t need any fancy equipment, nor do you need a lot of money to invest upfront, In fact, with these jobs, you don’t need any money to start. As long as you have access to a computer and the internet, you can find clients in need of your services.

Freelance writing is great for college students, stay at home moms and dads, or anyone who needs to earn but is not excited about commuting.

Your skills are needed by anyone who is in charge of marketing.

That literally means that even as a beginner, you are in demand.

I wrote this guide also for those who may have fallen for some of the scams floating around on the internet.

Any job that requires you to pay money, is a scam and should be avoided.

Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners only costs $5.00.

But you have the potential to earn a substantial amount of money.

Download the guide from Amazon.

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