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Would you like to learn the advanced marketing techniques required to succeed as an author in today’s ever changing publishing climate?

Join me, Sandra N. Peoples, as I teach you how to maximize the internet to build a loyal base of fans who will be eager to buy what you sell.  The old ways of marketing are gone, and we as authors have to be willing to ride the wave of change.

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The Author’s Success Academy is for those authors who are serious about building their careers, don’t want to return to (or have to continue to work) a 9-5, and are ready to learn how to truly monetize their passion.

If you are here, then chances are, it is because you have either:

A. Not sold many books

B. Sold books, but you want to learn about more income generating opportunities for writers

C. Want to make being an author your career, but aren’t really sure how to do it

Those are the big 3, but there are probably more.

Listen, I have been working in the publishing industry since 2003. I have watched every new thing come in, watched some flop, and some things really take off. I have also learned how to survive in a cut-throat industry by doing things the non-traditional way, which I teach inside of the Author’s Success Academy.

If you are ready to change how you sell books, build your fans, your followers, and, your finances, then you have come to the right place.

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