Who is Sandra N. Peoples

Sandra N. Peoples is an author, publishing coach, and consultant, based in Michigan, who helps aspiring authors learn the ropes of self-publishing, and teaches service providers how to use books to build their following, fill their programs, and attract their ideal customers and clients.

Having majored in English and Creative Writing at the prestigious University of Michigan-Flint, Sandra set out to finally fulfill a childhood dream of seeing her book in print; but after receiving over twenty rejection letters, she thought her dream was too far out of her reach. Later that year, which was 2003, Sandra set out to self-publish her first book; but found little information on just how to do so. She thought she had found her answer when she answered an ad from a company promising to help her publish her own book. What she learned was that she had not truly self-published, and, she had signed away the rights to her book. Feeling somewhat defeated, and three hundred dollars in the hole, she began to research how traditional publishing houses published their books. Once she learned how the big publishing companies produced their books, she realized that if she had questions about the publishing process, there had to be other authors who needed the information she had gleaned. So, in 2005, she did her first workshop on the topic of self-publishing. In 2008, she started a blog on self-publishing, and in 2009, after releasing a new and edited version of her first book, she created a workbook and audio course on self-publishing. 

Today, Sandra can still be found assisting authors and entrepreneurs across the globe with writing and publishing. She is the President of Piper Street Creative LLC, which specializes in creating promotional materials for solopreneurs, including books, web content, social media banners, course content and more. Ms. Peoples uses her blog and website to educate aspiring authors and publishers on how to publish, promote, and sell their own books. She is also a freelance writer, whose work has been featured in publications such as brass Magazine, which is a national financial publication, and Publishing World Magazine. She is a Platinum Expert Author for Ezine Articles. Sandra offers a writing boot camp for aspiring authors and freelance writers, a publishing boot camp, and continues to write and publish her own books. 

Sandra N. Peoples, EzineArticles Platinum Author

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