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4 Keys To Building Effective Relationships In Business

Building relationships in business is critical in establishing long lasting connections.  Relationship building is especially important to entrepreneurs in the digital arena, where the trust factor is low due to the fact that many scammers live online. So, how do you find a way to build the know, like, and trust factor with your clients? There are four things to consider when it comes to relationship building.

The Four Components

The first thing to consider is what are you hoping to gain from the relationship? Is this going to be short-term, constructed long enough to make a sale and then end? It is important to have a goal in mind at the initiation of the relationship, and make this known.

Which brings me to my second point; honesty. You have heard the saying, honest is the best policy. That is especially true in the online space. Deliver what you say you will, and be honest in your dealings.

My Personal Experience

When I first started in business, I had been told that you should ‘fake it till you make it’, and boy did it show that I was faking it! My first full year as an entrepreneur was one filled with learning the ropes of how real business worked. I wasn’t exactly deceptive in my dealings, I just didn’t really quite know what was I doing when it came to some aspects, and I know that my clients picked up on that. I was in need of cash, so, I took on some rather challenging clients in the beginning. The bright side of it all was that taking on those clients and actually having to learn the process of what they needed done, gave me the skills I needed to be able to excel in my business today.

The third element to building effective relationships in business is to talk to people. Get to know the people you serve. Hold conversations with them. Talking to people helps you to learn what their pain points are, which in turn positions you to be the person to solve the problem they are having. Far too many entrepreneurs fail to implement this very important step, and wonder why their business is failing, or, is stagnant in growth. It is because they have not taken the time to get to know their audience.

Finally, the fourth component to business relationship building is to listen. Sometimes people just want someone who will hear what they have to say. Don’t always come back with an answer; just listen.

I believe that building relationships is only one of the keys to success in business. I am doing a 5 day free challenge for entrepreneurs who want to build solid relationships, attract a rockin’ tribe, create an infectious online presence while building a rock solid business and iron clad brand. If you would like to more about the challenge and sign up, click here.

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Sandra N. Peoples is an award-winning, bestselling author and publishing consultant. She has written over 21 novels and short stories, six of them reaching the Top 100 on Amazon in competitive categories. She conducts creative writing classes for aspiring authors, and blogs at sandranpeoples.com/blog. Sandra is a proud mom of four, and resides in Michigan.