Get The Help You Need To Be Successful At Self-Publishing And Building Your Freelance Writing




If you are thinking about publishing your own book, or getting started as a freelance writer, you are probably beyond frustrated right now and think that it is impossible to do it on your own.

You have probably tried to format your own book, only to find that the process can still be tedious and just downright frustrating.

Or you have probably been searching out Google for help on starting a freelance writing business.

You know you need help, but don’t really know where to turn.

What you need is a professional who has actually worked as a freelance writer, and, who has successfully published their own books.

If your goal is to publish a paperback book or ebook, there is someone who can take you by the hand and teach you not only how to self-publish your book, but how to make a living as an author.

Or, if you are looking to get started as a freelance writer and land your first clients, you’ve come to the right place.

Sandra N. Peoples has been in the self-publishing arena since 2003 and had been teaching authors and entrepreneurs across the globe about publishing their own books and building a business around books. She is a also a full-time freelance writer.

Her Youtube Channel provides advice and tips on the process of publishing books and working from home as a writer.

Sandra loves to do in-person and virtual workshops, sharing the knowlege she has gleaned from her experiences over the years. Click here to be notified about upcoming seminars, classes and events.

Be sure to check out the blog for even more strategies on how to publish and write for a living.






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