sandracutout3Hey, welcome to my site. My name is Sandra N. Peoples. I am an award-winning, 3x Amazon Top 500 bestselling Author and Publishing Consultant. I wrote the novels 'Love Shoulda Been Enough', 'Love Shoulda Been Enough 2', and 'Big Girls On Fleek'.

I am pretty skilled in teaching people about book formatting, having received over 20,000 views on a video I created on how to format your book for Kindle publishing. In fact, I talk a lot about book formatting and publishing on my Youtube channel.

I am also very skilled in teaching on blogging, creative writing, and setting up your own personal assistant (aka: your website). Okay, so there are lots of things I am knowledgeable of, and I talk about them on my blog and in the emails I send out to the members of my email community. And yes, here is a shameless plug: if you would like to be a part of my email community,  Publishing 101, all you have to do is click here. 

I run a Facebook group called The Self-Published Authors Club that is ticking close to the 500 member mark. I am updating some things on my site, and adding some courses and content that I believe will be very beneficial to anyone interested in doing more online.

I love online, and technology; even though sometimes I think technology can be bad for us all in the wrong hands. I am proud mom of 4: 3 daughters and a son. My kids range in age from 16-3 ( and of the four, the three-year-olds are twins.) I am a proud Michigander and a romance fanatic. I also have a sweet spot for entrepreneurship and photography.

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