Welcome to sandranpeoples.com

I’m Sandra N. Peoples. Here are a few things you should know about me….

I am an award-winning, six-time bestselling author, poet, and playwright. The book I am most proud of is a book I wrote back in 2009 called ‘Foolish’. I wrote that book from a place of pain, and used it to help other women break away from toxic relationships. I have also written a self-help book and a book for freelance writers. I like to design and I have a sweet spot for photography.

I LOVE formatting books for print and ebook publishing. It is something I have done for my clients for the past twelve years, and is a huge part of the literary business I am blessed to run from the comfort of my home. Click here to watch my popular video I did on how to format an ebook for Amazon’s KDP Program. In addition to running the publishing services wing of my business, I am a publishing consultant for authors who want to publish their own books. I teach authors and entrepreneurs how to incorporate email marketing into their promotional efforts.

I am a single mom of four children; three girls and one boy. Michigan is my home for now.

I am a blogger. You can click here to check out my blog

I have a design and photography company called Piper Street Creative LLC, which allows me to embrace my creative side. Through Piper Street Creative, I am able to design and create websites, fliers, logos and more.

I am very passionate about professional development and business, and I teach entrepreneurs various aspects of doing business, primarily in the online space because that it how I run my business.

I teach creative writing classes online, which lets me hang out with people from all over the world, without leaving home, and help others write books that can change the world (maybe).​

I am a jewelry, shoe, and purse lover. The more bling, the better.

I’m just a city girl, born and raised in Flint, Michigan. I love to encourage and inspire others to follow their dreams, no matter how hard the road may look.

Thanks for stopping by.