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When I first started this site, it was for self-published authors. 

But now, I focus on creating passive income with digital products, and share lots of ideas, tutorials and more with entrepreneurs who are ready to see a change in their finances.

So, what in the world is passive income?

Passive income is what people like to refer to as that ‘make money while you sleep income’.

It’s where you do the work once, and get paid for it over and over again.

It’s money you make from things like books, tutorials, online courses, and the list goes on.

Selling information is the easiest pathway toward building passive income because people are always looking for information.

I love creating info products and the money you can make from them.

I would like to help you build your own digital products that you can sell over and over again, and make money while you are out with your kids.

Or, eating dinner at your favorite restaurant.

Or, watching the game.

I’m going to share lots of helpful tools and resources to help you build your own digital business.

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